• Are minors allowed to shows?

    Minors are not allowed in miniBar. It is strictly 21+.
  • When do shows start?

    This depends on the show, style of entertainment, number of opening acts, and what else is happening at recordBar that night. Check your tickets or our website for that night’s start time.
  • Where can I get tickets to miniBar shows?

    Tickets can be purchased online at minibarkc.com, or in-person on show nights. Please refer to the Tickets page here on our website for more info.
  • When are you open?

    Mon – Fri – 4pm – 3am
    Sat – 8pm – 3am
    Sun – closed
  • Do you have a lost and found?

    Items that are found by our staff after a show are kept safe in our office. You can call us at 816-326-8281 during business hours to inquire about recovered items. Please remember, we are not responsible for items lost or stolen at miniBar. If it is valuable to you, it is probably safer at home or in your car.