Blanky, Mason Blaze, Courtney Ann, Jimi Davies & Bruce the Guitar

In the Disaster Room


Mason Blaze

Courtney Ann

Jimi Davies & Bruce the Guitar

Tue, December 11, 2018

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


--The members of Blanky would be like dogs to step on. Yeah, don’t worry, it’s just dogs. Disillusionment is running amok. Jobs we hate are being worked. But, love prevails. Or does it? Blanky would argue that it does. In fact, love might be their personal salvation. The scent of these two sad puppies is on the nose of resentment and a mutual love for creating is the one thing covering their tracks. After repeatedly being told that starting a band with your lover might be the worst possible thing you could attempt; an inevitable train wreck in the making, members Micala Smith and Anthony Cunard did it anyways. The pair of underdogs, championing what others have deemed impossible, abandoned the so-called southern oasis of Asheville, NC to be somewhere a little less perfect. Suckers for lifestyles past and urban devitalization, they found no better a place to skip town to than Kansas City, Kansas. Yes, you read correctly, the Kansas side of Kansas City.

---As current residents of the pretty-sounding Strawberry Hill neighborhood, Blanky have absolutely no friends, they live alone, and when you hear their music you’ll know that it’s true. The band’s sound combines elements of folk-rock, shoegaze and 90’s alternative, but the voices and lyrics of both Micala and Anthony are the obvious focal points. With vocals on display and melodies at the forefront, Baby Blue, the debut LP of the group offers bedroom pop songs, noise collages, and timeless, sparse duets about love. The pups are used to being alone but are not averse to an audience while they’re howling at the moon. Join them for a show in a city near you!
Venue Information:
3810 Broadway
Kansas City, MO, 64111