In the Disaster Room

ST 37



Fri, August 3, 2018

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

ST 37
ST 37
Since their formation in January of 1987, Texas psych/space
rock legends ST 37 have released 4 LPs, 4 double LPs, 9 CDs, 1
12” 45, 5 7” 45s, 8 CDRs, 3 double CDRs, 7 cassettes, and
appeared on over 40 compilations and collaborations on labels
ranging from Emperor Jones and RRR to Cleopatra and

They’ve played over 500 shows and toured extensively all around the United
States and Canada. The band has shared the stage with artists like Sonic Youth,
Acid Mothers Temple, Faust, Bardo Pond, the Butthole Surfers, Hawkwind,
Chrome, Guru Guru, Helios Creed, Indian Jewelry, Suisho no Fune, and many
more as well as playing festivals like Terrastock, SXSW, Strange Daze and
Flaxfield. They have scored and performed live original soundtracks to the Fritz
Lang films Metropolis and Destiny (Der Mude Tod).
Their current lineup reads like a veritable Who’s Who of contemporary southern
and western American adventurous music; newest memberMattTurner
(Quttinirpaaq, Shit and Shine, bees are black) joins Bobby Baker (Baby Robots,
Rubble), Bob Bechtol (Seven Inch Stitch, Thanatopsis Throne) and longterm
stalwarts SL Telles (My Education, Moray Eeels), Joel Crutcher (Abigail und
Hansel) and Lisa Cameron (Venison Whirled, Three Day Stubble, Roky
Erickson’s Evilhook Wildlife E.T., Moist Fist, Glass Eye) to create music unlike
anyone else’s.

Critics have had the following to say about ST 37:
ST 37, long-running specialists in bubbling-mercury riffage and German-flavored trance rock... -
David Fricke (Rolling Stone)
These Texas astronauts stuff their hash pipes to the brim and pay homage to Can, Amon Duul and
Chrome...their psychedelicatessen of originals is stocked with brain-melting skree...- Fred Mills
My favorite track on the album is "Concrete Island, an adaptation of J.G. Ballard...on first
listening...I recalled reading this book so vividly and so perfectly, I was amazed. This recollection
was unlike any feeling I have previously known or felt from music...- Adam Strider
From the moment the credits open, the band launches into a continuously evolving and strangely
beautiful ethereal drone lasting the duration of the 1926 silent film classic.
(from a review of ST 37’s soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s "Metropolis") - Michael Bertin (Austin
A friend of mine said I would get a "kick" out of it...I did. - Byron Coley
..paint-blistering guitar and some elegant phased bass work poised atop droning vocal splendor...
- Phil McMullen (Ptolemaic Terrascope)
The piledriving Hawkwind-y/Wipers stuff near the end is still my favorite. - Jello Biafra
...real mindblown 1990s American garage sputter here! - Chris Stigliano (Your Flesh)
Into the likes of Viv Akauldren, Loop, Chrome et al.?...wailing distorted guitars, effects and
electronics...I await further releases with interest. - Alan Freeman (Audion)
Twistedly psychedelic and swirling in a cyclonic of the most infectiously woven slabs
of noise- as- music released since the 60s drug boom. - Andrea 'Enthal (Alternative Press)
Melting Euphoria and the Texan band ST 37 are the two best working psychedelic bands in
America today. - Andre (Crohinga Well)
Shiny Jets is an experimental rock band formed in Chicago in 2004. The band began when drummer Tucker Slough encountered Singer/Guitarist Shanté Clair performing at a party thrown by a mutual friend in the Rogers Park area. The two struck up a friendship and began trying to incorporate Tucker's drumming into Shanté's existing solo project, The Maybe. Soon they began writing new songs and pushing their musical ideas further, incorporating looping pedals and other electronics until they had compiled a number of songs. Some time afterwards, Tucker moved back to his hometown of Kansas City and Shanté left Chicago to live in New York for a number of years.

Around 2014, the two began working on new songs together, with Shanté writing songs that Tucker would then add drums parts to and send back via Dropbox. Within a short time the material they were creating began to take shape and discussions began about re-establishing the band. In March of 2015 Shanté packed up and moved to Kansas City to begin work on the project that would assume the moniker Shiny Jets. Incorporating songs written back in Chicago and those songs written long distance between New York and Kansas City, the two began adding layers of sampling and further experimentation with even more complex looping and arrangements. Currently Shiny Jets rehearses, performs and records based out of Kansas City.
Math-rock / progressive-punk band from Kansas City, MO featuring Ryan Lee Toms on guitar and Jonathan Thatch on drums.
Venue Information:
3810 Broadway
Kansas City, MO, 64111