Various Blonde / Wes Watkins / Kian Byrne – Tickets – miniBar – Kansas City, MO – September 4th, 2019

Various Blonde / Wes Watkins / Kian Byrne

Various Blonde

Wes Watkins, Kian Byrne

Ages 21+
Various Blonde / Wes Watkins / Kian Byrne in the Disaster Room @miniBar


9:30 SHOW

It's hard to beat a person who never gives up...

A trumpet player of 20 years, Wes Watkins is a former student of Denver School of the Arts. However, it is not the time that he spent in arts school that he credits for his musical career but the time he spent homeless that taught him how to identify the power of individuality.

From the beginning, Wes has proven that if you're in the position where you must fight for everything that you have, you can achieve anything that you want. From his humble start living as a homeless street performer, most notably as a trumpeter, Wes has pulled himself up, dusted himself off and solidified himself as one of Colorado's most renowned performers. Appearing in bands such as; Other Black, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Air Dubai, Izcalli and Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Wes had developed an ability to adapt to many musical styles while keeping true to his own unique flare. Watkins goal is to encourage people to experience themselves, because if we can be comfortable in our own skin, we can be comfortable with others.

“I strive to use my music to encourage people to experience the individual. I believe if you can acknowledge and accept the entirety of yourself you will find perspective in your perception of others. No matter housing status, economic status, race, gender, political association, etc. In our quickly changing world I make music to create inclusive neighborhood, because the best change supports connection to community.”

With Various Blonde and Kian Byrne

Venue Information:
3810 Broadway Blvd.
Kansas City, MO